About Us

Hanzo Logistics is a logistics firm specializing in warehouse management, fulfillment and distribution, and transportation. Our facilities are centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Laredo, Texas, which means we can help you reach your markets quickly and efficiently, no matter where they may be. Our name honors Hattori Hanzo, a legendary samurai warrior who served his masters with honor and skill. Sworn to protect the emperor, his possessions, and the islands of Japan, Hanzo overcame obstacles with efficiency and skill. Sometimes, he required only a single stroke to dispatch his opponents. The same code of honor and efficiency that governed the great warrior is also what inspires Hanzo Logistics. We protect your reputation while delivering or managing your products with skill and speed.

The individuals who comprise Hanzo are honest, hard-working, and fair to deal with.  This trait is reassuring, as history and experience has caused HPD to have short-lived involvement with subcontractors or associates who were not completely honest and open and fair.  We at HPD have a trust with Hanzo, and feel the same from them.

Larry Canada, President, HPD Inc.

The business relationships we have built with communication and timeliness have been outstanding.  Together with your team, your ability in meeting tight deadlines has been impressive. Even surprising at times.  Especially when I would have expected a delay with a few of the curve balls we threw at you to make a change when we were already into the project at your facility.

Ed Perry, Inbound Operations Manager, Belkin Inc

Location Is Everything

With locations in Indianapolis, IN and Laredo, TX, we give your cargo access to North America and the world in the blink of an eye.

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