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About Hanzo Logistics

We are passionate about providing first-class service, customized to meet your needs.

We are an Indianapolis 3rd-Party Logistics (3PL) Company that is specialized in Warehouse Management, Fulfillment, Distribution, and Transportation.

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Committed to Providing Services that Consistently Exceed your Expectations.

We believe a fulfillment company in indianapolis should be innovative, transparent, and straightforward.

We aim to be a reliable partner that listens to you and implements custom-tailored solutions that are unique to your business goals.

Whether you need temporary storage, one-time collection and drop-off, or a nationwide distribution undertaking, our promise is to provide a top-notch service that gets your consignment where it needs to be, on time and in a cost-effective way.

our mission

To promote and protect the reputation of businesses by providing an exceptional customer experience for their customers.

In doing so, we offer 21st-century innovative solutions which meet the growing and changing needs of businesses in an endless growing and fast-changing market.

To establish Indiana 3pl warehousing management and distribution service that is renowned for providing bespoke services that help our clients to thrive and not just for transportation.

We strive to make a difference. We understand that our services have a direct impact on our clients’ reputation and their businesses, we deliver logistics services that aid business growth

Hanzo Warehouse locations

We have Four Warehouses in the Greater Indianapolis Area.

We are optimally placed to protect our customers’ goods and distribution requirements. We encompass your supply chain no matter the size, and we can go everywhere and can distribute to anywhere across the globe.

Minnesota Street

Airtech Parkway

Camby Road

Metro Air

Lacy Knot

Meet the incredible people that make Hanzo great.

our vision

Every Business Can Have an Efficient Supply Chain in a Cost-Effective Way

We strive for a world where businesses in different fields can effectively increase their sales and productivity while maintaining an exceptional customer experience.

At Hanzo, we aim to establish a legacy of first choice supply chain management in the logistics industry in Indianapolis and worldwide. Through our integrity and the innovative solutions we provide, our clients can have an abiding confidence in their logistics providers. 

We want to further contribute towards the realization of building an outstanding customer service experience where expertise is honored and efficient distribution is not lightly shunned.

Our Culture

What does Hanzo mean?

Our name honors Hattori Hanzo, a legendary samurai warrior who served his masters with honor and skill.

Sworn to protect the emperor, his possessions, and the island of Japan, Hanzo overcame obstacles with efficiency and skill. 

Sometimes he required only a single stroke to dispatch his opponents. The same efficiency and skill are what inspire Hanzo Logistics, including our culture. 

Many of our clients are repeat customers. You come first in our services. We protect your reputation while delivering your products with skill and speed. To effectively manage your consignment, we customize each service to suit your business needs.