logistics management services

Customized Logistics Solutions

We will help you analyze, develop and implement successful supply chain management strategies.

Our global logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized logistics services makes us the trusted 3PL service provider for supporting the most complex needs of the world's multinational companies.

Learn about our logistics management services.

Fulfillment & Distribution

Last year, we processed nearly 15 million units of product. From single package one SKU orders to full truckload shipments consisting of 100 or more SKUs. Whether you need fulfillment of a single product or distribution to numerous locations, we’re here to help you with it all.

Our fulfillment and distribution services cover pick, pack, and ship, reverse logistics, cross-docking, trans-loading, Integrated web commerce, and more making us a fully comprehensive 3pl service provider. 

Kitting & Assembly

Our experienced and professional kitting and assembly team takes care of the packaging of your goods. Let us impress you and your customers through our state-of-the-art kitting and assembly processes.

Our cutting-edge technology helps us to kit and assemble to your specifications. Our skilled assembly team thrives in a positive environment to provide timely results to your customers.

Cold Storage

Our international logistics network includes efficient cold storage warehousing solutions. Take advantage of the large volume of our blast freezing technology.

From our headquarters in Indianapolis, we can handle all your refrigeration fulfillment, including refrigerated shipping. Our operations team monitors the cold storage temperature to ensure that all your goods are maintained at the right temperature. They are very accurate at in and out weighing and order picking.

Transportation Services

We value your business and we know that getting your goods in full and on time to your customers is key to more sales. We value your business and we know that getting your goods in full and on time to your customers is key to more sales.

At Hanzo, our full spectrum of transportation solutions operate throughout North America and worldwide. Our operations are flexible and can deliver any size of cargo so you don’t have to find new transport logistics.

Whether it’s a full, part, or consolidated load, our dedicated and timely transportation system can deliver to your customs anywhere.

Contract Packaging

Our contract packaging team takes away the stress of juggling so many orders.

We provide a significant cost-saving solution for your packaging so you can focus on quality production.

We can take bulk orders globally, and distribute them to your customers directly. Our contract packaging team can customize orders to meet your business demands.

Quality Assurance

While taking the burden of customer relations off your shoulders, we try to improve our overall quality assurance for any kind of cargo.

Our quality assurance department is committed to monitoring the logistics automation process so we can deliver exceptional logistics management services and the best possible customer experience.