3pl logistics solutions

Streamline Your Supply Chain

We offer a wide range of customized solutions led by our experience team to support many industries. 

Our global logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized logistics services are capable of supporting the most complex needs of the world's multinational companies.

Here are some of the industries we serve.


We have been a long-term reliable partner to automotive industries worldwide. Our automotive logistics team can efficiently cater to auto parts suppliers who are into large and small quantity shipments, including those who need custom crating.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the operations team in our company can provide cost-effective haulage solutions for your business.

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Our experienced team members can meet your needs through our optimized cost-efficient supply chains. Some sectors of the pharmaceutical and life science industry have strict uptime requirements.

For all our service deliveries, we have quality and compliance systems in place to manage the inventory of delivering time-sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products.


Our logistics experts can serve any sector of the government. Hanzo Logistics can design and manage any capacity of logistics operations for the government.

To optimize the flow of materials from the government to its end users, our downstream distribution service is efficient and flexible to handle. We provide the most reliable logistics services to the Government. From inbound upstream to the downstream, our distribution service helps the movement and flow of many economic transactions.


Whether you are more about design, innovation, or delivering exceptional customer service, our electronics support team is here to support your electronic business.

The team’s skills in material procurement, assembly, testing, and effective supply chain have helped a lot of our clients deliver customer orders. Hanzo’s storage capacity and logistics solutions can be of huge benefit to your electronic business. Our offers range from efficient inventory control to timely distribution of products.

Retail & eCommerce

The growth of the retail and consumer product market is growing rapidly. We’ve helped a lot of our clients meet the needs of their online shoppers. Depending on proximity, we can ensure your customers get their goods as fast as possible.

The comprehensive solutions we have for the retail and consumer products industry can help you refill your stock no matter the size of the number of store locations you have.

Industrial Products

Gaining a competitive advantage in the industrial products market involves a lot of processes, with adequate logistics being the top priority. The industrial product team at Hanzo has a wealth of experience to provide planned regular/periodic requirements or emergency one-off needs.

Whether it’s a breakdown of the production line, reduction of ingredients needed for mass production, don’t put your business reputation at risk. Let our team handle your inbound and outbound logistics so you don’t keep your customers waiting.